Genext home tutors in Bangalore use innovative techniques to renovate the art of teaching

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3rd January, Bangalore: The art of teaching has lost its impact in recent years, but Genext students have not given up on it yet. Harnessing the demand of Home Tutors In Bangalore, they have renovated the art of teaching and successively uplifted the quality of education as well throughout India. Through the use of new technology that provides content, progress tracking and other innovative tools, the methods of teaching have been approached holistically to educate children and develop their abilities. This is to ensure that everyone receives the quality education as opposed to the degrading nature of education provided in schools.

Genext students cater to the needs of the students and provide at home services. After researching the education system in India for years, the platform found out why parents flock towards tuition teachers so much. Despite that, the quality of education refused to increase. Hence, they devised a way to improve it.

The degrading nature of the education is a cause for worry. This is due to the fact that the student’s acumen differs. But the method of teaching for each student doesn’t. The approach remains the same at school, for all students. As a result, some students are only able to understand parts of a lesson and hence, the knowledge they receive isn’t complete.

To avoid such problems, Genext students supply parents with an excellent Home Tutor In Bangalore who adopt a teaching method as per the ability of the student. Through such a process, the students are able to gather in-depth knowledge through one-on-one teaching and by the use of innovative technology, make it interesting as well.
Home Tutors in Bangalore do no restrict their teaching methods to textbooks and pen and notebooks. They often use flashcards, tablets and teach through powerful presentations and videos as well. They pick a medium that well

suits the needs of the students to disseminate knowledge.

The use of technology isn’t restricted to just the students or the teachers. It is also available for the parents as well. Jay Gandhi, the parent of Divya, a class 10 student said, “Genext uses new technology to make studying easy and it makes our life easier. As a parent, you are always worried about your child’s education. But with Genext, you can actually track the progress of your child in real time. That’s one less worry for us!”

The efforts of Genext to better the quality of education is unparalleled by any. Their testing process for a home tutor in Bangalore, their tech and their interactive sessions on the platform all point towards their effort. The art of teaching is truly being revolutionized by this tutoring platform.

Genext students have been functioning for over three years, disseminating quality education all across the nation. Co-founded by Asad Daud and Ali Asgar Kagzi, their team comprises of various home teachers that have made teaching their passion. If you wish to know more about them, visit their website or go to

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