Genext Students Gives a New dimension to Home Tutor Services!

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2nd December 2017, Mumbai: Finding the right tutor to guide you on the path to success is always a challenging task. Genext Students have come up with a hybrid tutoring platform, in which students can find their most suitable Home Tutor according to their learning needs.

This platform has given students and teachers a medium to discover, connect and engage with each other. Here, a student saves valuable time and energy by searching for the best tutors. The teacher or Home Tutor, on the other hand, utilizes his or her knowledge and time by educating and sharing their knowledge with students. By, doing this the tutor not only gets to earn more but also utilize his or her free time effectively and focus on his/her efforts of teaching

The Co-Founder of Genext Students, Mr. Ali Asgar Kagzi, says “We are looking forward to expanding and enhancing our current technologies. This expansion will help Genext Students to reach out to more cities, thereby connecting more students with our Home Tutors.”

The selection process for these tutors is done rigorously. The tutors go through a process in which their knowledge is tested as well their teaching ability. Background verification is also done for safety and security. Therefore, parents can be rest assured that they will get the perfect teachers for their children. Genext Students provides tutors who can teach from pre-primary to junior college. These tutors have the experience in teaching the international, central as well as state-level syllabi.

Not just tutors but parents and students are also benefitting in a major way. With this innovative platform of Genext Students, the parents are getting regular updates about how their child is performing. This analysis is important as every parent wants their child to learn the concepts as well as score well.

The children can also view education in a completely different manner. Genext Students is working day and night to introduce the fun factor into today’s learning system. Each child is unique and different. While some of them do like learning from books and blackboards, majority don’t like the conventional way of teaching. Therefore, the company has come up with innovative and engaging ways which are much better than the conventional way of teaching.

The company has introduced audio-visual aids in their teaching curriculum. This is more appealing to the majority of students, as AV assisted learning is more interesting and helps the brain to comprehend and remember the concepts for a longer period in compared to the books and notes.

Founded in 2013, the company has served multiple cities across India like the Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Bangalore and soon to expand in Hyderabad, Chennai and many more cities. The company is also upgrading its technology to reach out to maximum number of people rapidly. In order to be the industry leader, Genext Students is looking forward to introducing more technological advancements through integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) across service offerings and touch points. This will make learning easier for the students, parents as well as the Home Tutors.